Digital-Dental Radiographs

Periodontal (dental) disease is the most common problem in small animal veterinary medicine and good quality dental care is not possible without the use of full mouth dental radiographs. Studies show that without full mouth dental radiographs, significant pathology is missed in up to 75% of dental procedures. Two-thirds of the tooth lies under the gingiva (gum) and cannot be visualized without radiographs. Radiographs allow the internal anatomy of the tooth to be evaluated, including the root and surrounding bone. Dental radiographs are especially critical for diagnosis and treatment of resorptive lesions, which are very common in cats and a source of pain.

Dental radiographs are a valuable part of your pets medical record that document changes throughout their life. Being able to fully evaluate internal and external tooth structures and removing any source of pain and infection not only improves your pet’s oral health, but also can protect his/her heart, liver and kidneys. Urban Vet Care is pleased to offer the highest quality digital dental radiographs for your beloved pet.