KeithKeith did not start his professional career as a Certified Veterinary Technician. In fact, his story started years ago, halfway around the world.

While working his past career as a FedEx top end corporate systems engineer, Keith found himself stranded on an uninhabited island after his plane crashed in the South Pacific. In an unprecedented and desperate attempt to survive on the island, he used just his wits and the meager remnants of his planes cargo to stay alive. Over the next four years Keith struggled for survival learning to spear fish, he converted an ice skate to an axe and wicked painful dental instrument, build fire from rubbing sticks together, got super tan, and worked on a set of sweet abs( which he still sports to this day). His only companion was a volleyball he named Wilson. They were the best of friends. Knowing he must take charge of his own future he build a modest raft and him and Wilson set sail to attempt self rescue. At one point Keith got super sleepy after rowing for days even though he was in amazing shape and pretty ripped physically, Wilson accidentally floated off and was eaten by a huge shark. It was the saddest time in his life thus far. Things picked up when a huge cargo ship rescued him and brought him back to society. He was super pumped but was still kind of bummed when he found his girlfriend, Helen Hunt, moved on and got a new boyfriend. It was obvious this new guy was not as cool when compared to Keith.

Anyways, as Keith stood at a major cross roads in his life, he decided to walk down the road and embark upon a brand new adventure working with animals. Graduating from Bel-Rea in 2007, Keith has enjoyed working in Emergency and Critical Care as well as Specialty and General Practice. While at Vet Tech school he found the true love of his life, married her, and has 2 amazing sons. As a family they enjoy all Colorado has to offer outdoors and he is passionate about practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They share their home with 2 cats, a border collie-golden mix named Clover, and five lovely chickens.